Headlining the group of vintage aircraft at this year’s Ada Air Expo is Texas Raiders, one of only eleven B-17 bombers still flying today. Operated by the Gulf Coast Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, Texas Raiders will arrive in Ada the afternoon of Friday June 7 and offer aircraft tours and rides to the public both Friday and Saturday.

This aircraft begin it’s military career as B-17G-95-DL 44-83872. It was manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Corporation at Long Beach, California. (under license from Boeing Aircraft Corporation, Seattle, Washington) where it was delivered to the U.S. Army Air Corps on July 12, 1945. On July 21, 1945, this aircraft was transferred to the U.S. Navy.

There is no better way to learn about history and WWII than to climb into a B-17 Bomber:

  • See the flight deck where the Pilot, Co-pilot, and Flight Engineer work
  • Shimy across the catwalk in the bomb bay to the radio room
  • See and touch authentic radio and morse code equipment in the Radio Room
  • Climb around the ball turret into the waist section
  • Look down the sight of two (2) .50 caliber machine guns…. You can almost see the enemy’s aircraft approaching… FIRE! FIRE!

 Ride information

On a full ride the B-17 Flying Fortress carries a total of eight passengers as follows:

  • Six in rear of the plane (tickets @ $425)

Three in the radio room
Three in the waist area

  • Two in the nose of the plane (tickets @ $625)

One in the bombardiers seat – the very nose of the plane
One in the navigators seat

During these flights the B-17 Flying Fortress carries a crew of four; PIC, SIC, Flight Engr. & Loadmaster.

Once the plane is airborne we allow the six people in the rear of the plane to come up to the flight deck in pairs for about 5 mins. They get to walk through the bomb bay area!

Please note, however, the two folks in the nose must stay seated throughout the flight.