Becoming an Ada Air Expo Volunteer has many benefits. Your contributions can help continue the Ada Air Expo mission to promote aviation education and air safety. You can meet and work directly with some of the most interesting and experienced individuals in aviation today. Our enthusiasm comes from our ability to offer a venue where you and other volunteers can use your talents to contribute to what we all have in common, the love of aviation. You do not have to be a pilot, if aviation interests you, you are welcome to share your time and talents.

Setting up

Our volunteers come before or during our event and blend their talents with those who have already been long at work. These combined efforts make the Ada Air Expo a memorable event for those visiting as well those involved. All areas benefit from these dedicated volunteers.

Setting up

Please stand by for details of volunteer meetings.  More information will be posted to this site as soon as it becomes available.  We hope to see you there. We still have many opportunities for volunteers.

Please follow the link below to let us know your interest in volunteering for this year’s show.

Volunteer Application